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 Andrew Gough - Founder & President

 Reverie Coffee Roasters


Here are a few of the ways my business has benefited from joining KRHA.


 Program Cost Savings
 Utility Sales Tax Exemption  $2,000
 Property & Liability Insurance  $5,000
 Workers' Comp Insurance  $1,000


1. Utility Sales Tax Exemption: Are you paying sales tax on the portion of your utilities that are related to making the products you serve? You probably are and you don't have to. But you must conduct an annoyingly hard task of creating an audit of your utility usage and submit it properly. I did this and was lucky to receive 3 years back pay of sales tax resulting in approx $2000 cold hard cash. I could not have done the work without KRHA. I just had to get some paperwork together and follow my reps guidance. AND IT WAS FREE! WIN FOR THE BUSINESS!


2. When I started my new property & liability insurance policy, I was not unhappy with my previous carrier, but KRHA created an amazing policy with more benefits for $1500 less annually than my 2018 policy. Even better, my old policy increased nearly $4000 this year. KRHA secured a better policy for over $5000 less in premium, with a company that offers dividends annually.


3. KRHA has constantly been a voice of the hospitality industry within our city and state offices. They understand our needs and work diligently to make sure restaurants and hotels are represented, so legislators and city officials understand the impact their decisions make on our industry. I'm grateful to know they are here to help when we are often not able. Their efforts often go unnoticed, but we get the benefit of their influence and receive regulatory updates, so we can focus on operating our businesses.


4. When I started my business, I had a work comp policy with the same agency who carried my property & liability coverage. When I inquired with KRHA about their self-insurance fund for the restaurant and lodging industry only, I was skeptic, considering there were membership dues on top of premium. In my first year alone, we saved $1000 (a third less) in premium. We have had two claims in 5 years. They have been gracious to work with and very accommodating to both my team and the business. 


5. Trusted Table and Serve Safe. Look it up. If you need support educating your staff or the public of your desire for food safety in your place of business, they are the leader in this. They are teaching it and recognizing those that go above and beyond.






 Chuck Vecchiarelli -Owner

 McDonald's Restaurant 


 Kansas Restaurant & Hospitality Association, Thank you! They have done a wonderful job and we have become very dependent on their services. Their staff is outstanding in their assistance and guidence. I would recommend them to anyone seeking their services. Thank you!



 Bob Carmichael -Managing Partner

 Perkins Restaurant & Bakery

"I would tell someone considering membership in KRHA, that their involvement in KRHA will not only potentially save them a lot of money thru their insurance products, it will also help them thru the Education Foundation and the educational products that we offer like ServSafe training, the insurance products and their ability to have their voice heard at the state and national level." 

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