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Credit Card Processing
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Heartland Payment Systems is honored to partner with the Kansas Restaurant & Hospitality Association. We are committed to the growth of the hospitality industry and your success. Rest easy knowing our payment processing solutions will leave you with more time for what’s important – making your guests feel right at home.


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Heartland is on Your Side

Posted By Lisa Graham, Thursday, November 29, 2018
Updated: Wednesday, November 28, 2018

With Heartland on your side, we guarantee your restaurant will be equipped with the best payments , payroll, point of sale, customer 

engagement and lending products in the industry.


Product Features include:



  • Contactless Payments:  Enhance your diners experience from ordering to checkout with quick, efficient and secure technology.
  • Mobile Payments:  Accept mobile payments in minutes right on your phone or tablet in two easy steps.
  • EMV Speed and Security:  Process EMV card payments 4 times faster than the industry average while keeping customer
    data secure.

Payroll+HR: Reduce administrative tasks and ensure your business is compliant with Heartland's payroll processing and HR administrative tools.


Point of Sale: Choose from a full stack of restaurant management platforms allowing you to capture, view, analyze and take action based on your needs.


Customer Engagement:  

  • Analytics: Leverage your restaurant's date to predict and understand guest behavior with an easy-to-implement and powerful system
    that efficiently compiles information in a way that's useful to you.
  • Gift+Reward Features: Attract new customers and turn patrons into loyal fans with customer engagement solutions.

Lending: Secure loan terms and rates with one of Heartland's reputable lending partners.

  Heartland Payment Systems
Patrick Schreiner


Tags:  #EMVSolutions #Heartland Payment Systems #Master 

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How to Process Payments in an Outage

Posted By Lisa Graham, Monday, August 27, 2018
Updated: Wednesday, August 1, 2018


Most payment processing systems, including point-of-sale terminals, operate through an internet connection. Unfortunately, technology isn’t always the most reliable. It can freeze, glitch or shut down altogether, bringing everything – including processing payments – to a screeching halt. That’s why it’s imperative that your business has equipment in place to keep business transactions up and running in the event of an internet outage.


Many offline terminals use a similar queue system (at Heartland it’s called Store and Forward) that allows you to accept and complete the transaction. The data from the transaction is then stored in the queue until the internet connection is regained, at which point the terminal sends the transactions for approval.

Regardless of how the data is stored, you risk losing the funds for offline transactions because funds may not be available once they are processed. To offer some level of protection, many terminals allow you to set per transaction dollar limits (for example, $20 or less) and/or limit the number of total offline transactions. This limits your risk in the case stored transactions cannot be processed or are lost altogether.


No matter how the situation is handled, be sure to contact your payment processor’s customer service or support team to notify them of the outage. This alerts them of the problem and paves the way for customer support to find any underlying issues to protect you from future losses.


How Heartland can help.


Heartland is a leader in the payment processing industry and is committed to helping the entrepreneurs of America with their payments, payroll, point-of-sale, customer engagement and lending needs.


You have a couple of different options when it comes to processing payments during an outage with our terminals or point-of-sale systems.


Our Store and Forward system operates through queue technology to process payments after the point of sale. Store and Forward integrates with Heartland terminals and point-of-sale systems, and will prompt the merchant before going into Store and Forward mode, giving control over how transactions are processed. If a transaction fails, Store and Forward keeps a copy of the card in the system. To retrieve and process the transaction, a call to the Heartland Service Center can be made.


There is a 400-transaction limit when using Store and Forward at $130 per transaction. Again, the use of Store and Forward does not guarantee the transactions won’t be lost or returned as insufficient.


To avoid the risk of having a declined transaction with Store and Forward, payments can be processed through other backup solutions to keep business running (for example, the Heartland mobile app can process payments as long as there’s a 4G connection).


In the event of a complete power outage, Heartland customers don’t have to worry about lost transactions. While you’re inoperable without power, Heartland’s point-of-sale systems and card terminals have the ability to close a batch of transactions, which means any payments previously processed won’t get lost, and your business won’t lose sales.


Technology is sure to fail at some point – it’s just part of the technological landscape in which we currently live. However, taking the steps to protect your business when the internet fails is essential. Don’t be caught without the proper equipment. Let Heartland help. 


We’re committed to your business’s success every step of the way. Visit to find a local sales professional to help you get your business set up today.



  Heartland Payment Systems
Patrick Schreiner

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Securing your Payments Processing

Posted By Lisa Graham, Monday, November 13, 2017
Updated: Monday, November 13, 2017


This past October marked the two-year anniversary of the U.S. migration to EMV smart-chip enabled payment technology. Despite the fact that the migration was accompanied by a card-present fraud liability shift to the party using the least secure technology, Visa reports that only about 2 million U.S. merchants have transitioned to this new level of technology. This leaves nearly 67 percent of U.S. merchants vulnerable, as fraudsters turn their focus to non-EMV enabled businesses.


EMV, which stands for Europay, MasterCard and Visa, is the global standard for cards equipped with computer chips and the technology used to authenticate chip-card transactions. EMV cards are embedded with a smart chip that creates a unique transaction code that cannot be used again, improving the payment security for consumers.


How criminals take advantage

According to the Verizon 2017 Data Breach Investigations Report, Accommodation and Food Services was “the top industry for Point of Sale intrusions.” While this isn’t a new problem – hotels and restaurants have been plagued by counterfeit, stolen and cloned credit card activity for years – the liability shift has further highlighted the issue.


Criminals prefer magnetic strip cards. When criminals purchase credit card numbers, the data – regardless if it is magstripe only or EMV technology – is loaded on a standard magstripe counterfeit card. If they attempt to use the counterfeit card as an EMV-enabled terminal, the terminal can detect that the card being used has EMV capabilities and the system will prompt the fraudster to “dip” the card instead of swiping. Attempts to process the transaction without “dipping” the EMV enabled card will be declined.


Some fraudsters have been scamming your businesses for years without you knowing about it because, previous to the liability shift, the issuing bank was taking the loss. All the scammer has to do now is call the credit card company after their card is swiped at an old terminal and claim the charges on their chip-enabled card weren’t accurate, leaving you to empty your pockets. While the chargeback amount may not be big, it wouldn’t take many of these false chargebacks to really cut into your profits. Without the ability to accept EMV transactions, business owners are seeing liability shift chargebacks for which there is no defense.


If upgrading to EMV simply isn’t an option for your business, here are a few tips you can use to protect yourself from fraudsters.

·       Verify that the last four digits of the card number match the last four digits on the printed receipt

·       Compare the signatures on the card and receipt

·       Check cards for legitimate features like holograms, logos, CVV/CID/CVV2 and AVS verification, etc.

·       Never rerun a card if it declines – for any reason



Comprehensive Coverage

EMV chip technology improves security by providing card authentication. However, the most advanced credit card thieves can rewrite the magstripe, tricking even new EMV chip-reading machines to think the card is chipless when swiped. If you have purchased the EMV card-reading equipment, but are not encrypting transactions as part of your upgrade, your business may still be at risk. While EMV-enabled terminals offer increased security and reduces credit card fraud, you need to employ a comprehensive approach for the best security.


·       Tokenization – replacing card data with a “token” protects card data while at rest in your POS system. This is particularly imperative in a hotel environment, where customer data is typically stored for days, weeks or even years. Even if your system is hacked, tokenization makes the data stored in it unusable to cybercriminals.


·       End-to-end Encryption – this powerful technology removes card data from the merchant’s network, protecting the data in transit so it cannot be intercepted or monetized.


·       Incident Management Program – According to the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners, nearly 50 percent of small businesses fall victim to fraud as some point in their business life cycle. Every business should have a plan in place for how they will handle an incident, should one occur. Containing the breach, responding quickly and communicating appropriately is the best way to prevent reputation damage and stem losses.


Heartland Secure combines EMV, tokenization and end-to-end encryption together to give your business the most comprehensive security solution on the market. We are so confident in our ability to protect credit card data the moment it is used, we offer an unprecedented breach warranty to all merchants who are Heartland Secure and employ Heartland Secure-certified devices for as long as they are processing with Heartland, at no additional cost. 


We encourage you to contact a KRHA Allied partner if you have specific questions regarding this topic.  


  Heartland Payment Systems
Patrick Schreiner

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Mastercard to Require Acceptance of 2-Series Credit Cards

Posted By Lisa Graham, Friday, April 7, 2017

Beginning June 30, 2017, MasterCard will require all point-of-sale systems to accept credit cards with Bank Identification Numbers that begin with a 2. Currently, all MasterCard cards issued begin with 5. The new 2-series cards will effectively double the number of available MasterCard credit cards worldwide and will be processed in the same manner as current MasterCard cards.


Please note that if you are using a third-party POS system, you should contact your provider to determine if any action is required for your system to accept the new 2-series cards. Not only could you potentially lose revenue if your system isn’t ready, but it could also result in non-compliance penalties by MasterCard or your processor. 


The MasterCard fee schedule for non-compliance is as following:


  • Up to $2,500 per occurrence for first 30 days
  • Up to $5,000 per occurrence for days 31-60
  • Up to $10,000 per occurrence for days 61-90
  • Up to $20,000 per occurrence for subsequent violations

For more information, contact Angela Ihry, Senior Director Business Development, Heartland Payment Systems at 605-940-9861 or .

We encourage you to contact a KRHA Allied partner if you have specific questions regarding this topic. 



Heartland Payment Systems

Patrick Schreiner

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Heartland Payment Systems Credit Card Processing

Posted By Lisa Graham, Wednesday, January 25, 2017



Make your lodging guests feel right at home.


Secure, Flexible Card Processing

Take payments securely anywhere, via any method on any device. Heartland Secure uses EMV, end-to-end encryption and tokenization to protect your customer’s card data and is backed by one of the only comprehensive breach warranties in the industry.


Transparent Pricing

Through an interchange-plus pricing model, you’ll always know how much you pay us and how much goes to the card brands.


Fast Funding

Regardless of bank relationships, you’re eligible to receive your money from all card transactions the very next business day – including weekends.


Robust Reporting

Check batches, deposits and transactions, run reports, download data, view statements, dispute transactions and order equipment, all in real time 24/7/365 through Heartland’s robust portal.


Customer Service

Our U.S.-based service center provides live customer support 24/7/365, with calls answered in less than ten seconds on average.


At Heartland, we offer reliable solutions you can trust. Let us help you with the complexities of payment processing, so you can focus on what you love most about running your business. 


For more information, contact Angela Ihry,, 605-940-9861. Learn more about Heartland products at



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